Herris Combined Cycle Power Plant

Project description

 A combined cycle power plant is a power plant that includes a number of gas turbines and steam turbines.  In this type of power plant, using a recovery boiler, the heat from the exhaust gases from the gas turbines is used to produce the water vapor required in the steam turbines.  If the gas turbine is not a combined cycle, its exhaust gases, which can reach temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius, enter the air directly and waste residual energy.  While in a combined cycle power plant, this energy is used and the steam turbine boiler produces water vapor without the need for fuel.  Therefore, using this method, the efficiency of the cycle increases.

Combined cycle power plants are highly efficient, flexible, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for power generation.

A combined cycle power plant is actually a combination of a steam turbine and a gas turbine in such a way that the gas turbine generator generates electricity, while the heat energy wasted from the gas turbine (by combustion products) is used to produce the steam needed by the steam turbine.  And in this way additional electricity is generated.  By combining these two cycles, the efficiency of the power plant will increase.  The electrical efficiency of a simple power plant plant without heat dissipation typically has an efficiency of 25 to 40 percent, while the same combined cycle power plant has an efficiency of about 60 percent.  As mentioned, these power plants are made from a combination of steam and gas turbines and have different types depending on the type of turbines, heat recovery boilers, and recovery devices.

The construction project of Harris Combined Cycle Power Plant has started on 06/23/98 and the measures taken so far are as follows:

1- Construction of the entrance gate of the power plant

2- Plant drainage operation (surface dringe)

3- Landscaping of the administrative part

4- Guard building and sanitary service…

CustomerModiriat Tana energy
ProjectPower plant
Duration of project12 month
Project siteHerris