Construction of charity schools in Rudan and Minab

Construction of charity schools in Rudan and Minab

 Sabco Company has also chosen to work in charitable and non-profit fields, consulting, designing and contracting in construction projects through financial management, engineering, unit procurement. Sabco Company, relying on its knowledge and expertise in the field of construction, this time  The construction of non-profit schools in the deprived cities of Rudan and Minab in Hormozgan province has taken a step towards improving the educational level of the region.  At present, with the support of expertise and fruitful experience in implementing national plans and projects, while benefiting from a set of capable committed individuals and also by developing capabilities and cooperating with reputable companies as a contractor in the implementation of construction projects, is ready to  As a powerful arm in implementing large projects and serving the Iranian nation.

CustomerModiriad Tana energy
ProjectCivil project
Duration of project8 month
Project siteHormozgan.Roodan

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