Bandar Abbas desalination plant

 Bandar Abbas desalination plant

Project description

Climate change and global warming With the rapid growth of the world’s population in recent decades, the water shortage crisis has become a serious concern in the world. Water consumption has doubled in the last century due to population growth. While the earth’s water resources have not changed. Currently, about 700 million people on the planet are suffering from water shortages, which is expected to increase to one company and eight hundred million people in the next ten years.

Oceans and seas make up 70 percent of the earth’s surface and 96 percent of the planet’s total water resources. Certainly, these water resources, which are widely spread on the planet, are a way to improve the water shortage situation in the world. But until the last few decades, the salinity of these water resources has been the most important obstacle to their use in various applications, including beverages, agriculture and industry.

Desalination is the only way to reduce the salinity of saline water with the aim of using it for various purposes. The first industrial-scale desalination plant was built in 1955 in the United States. This unit was designed and built using the MSF process, which is the evaporation and distillation of saline water in order to create the appearance of neighborhoods. In the following years, thermal desalination processes were developed with the aim of optimizing energy consumption and have been used in desalination of seawater in different parts of the world until today.

Sabco Company has been selected in the fields of consulting, design and contracting in energy and water development projects through financial management, engineering, logistics of units. At present, with the support of expertise and fruitful experience in implementing national plans and projects, as well as benefiting from a set of capable committed individuals and also by developing capabilities and searching for reputable companies as contractors in the implementation of construction projects, is ready as A powerful arm to take steps in the implementation of large projects

CustomerModiriat Tana energy
Duration of project30 month
Project siteBandar abbas

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